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Email Services


There are many creative formats and distribution technologies for e‑mail marketing and no particular e‑mail vendor has all the solutions for all the marketers.  We have teamed up with providers from around the world to ensure we deliver the most appropriate services for each clients e‑mail marketing needs.

We can set‑up a web‑based DIY system, so you can manage your e‑mail marketing campaigns internally, or we can manage your e‑mail marketing from start to finish, including strategy, creative, formatting, database and list management, reporting and more.

To succeed with e‑mail distribution you need to use a specialist distribution service to ensure your messages not only get sent, but get delivered as well. Without the proper e‑mail distribution software your messages will end up in spam filters or be blocked by firewalls. Simply creating a message in a generic e‑mail system like Outlook for example and sending it from your desktop, will ensure your e‑mail marketing campaign will not perform as well as it could.

E‑mail marketing is a fast, response driven, interactive and cost effective way of developing profitable customer relationships.

The benefits of email marketing include:
  • Marketing messages can be easily personalized
  • There is typically a much higher response rate than traditional mediums
  • High return on investment
  • E‑mail marketing is highly measurable — your campaign effectiveness can be easily tracked, measured and reported online
  • Faster to construct, test and fulfill e‑mail campaigns compared to traditional direct mail
  • The growing popularity of e‑mail means you can reach a huge audience quickly
  • E‑mail marketing can also be used to drive traffic to your website


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