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CASS Certification


Labels&Letters is Certified by the USPS for Zip+4, Delivery Point Barcode, Carrier Route  and NCOA services on your mailing list.

This process is needed to qualify your mailing list for automation barcode discounts and/or carrier route discounts.
Your file must be CASS Certified within 90 of your mailing date.

CASS (Coding Accuracy Support System) standardizes your addresses to Postal Service specifications. It abbreviates directionals and suffixes such as Avenue, Drive, etc. The system appends the correct Zip+4 and Delivery Point Codes, Carrier Routes and Line-of-Travel order. In the case of high rises and office buildings, it even assigns the correct Zip+4 and Barcodes to ranges of floor numbers, company names, etc.

DSF (Delivery Sequence File) is required to mail at saturation and high density carrier route rates.  This process puts your list in the EXACT order the carrier delivers his/her route.  You must mail to a minimum of 150 addresses on a route to qualify for these rates.  We can help you determine if you will qualify for these rates.
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