Label-it Yourself


This package includes everything you need to prepare your mailing: 1-up Peel/Stick labels with Barcode or Carrier Route Line-of-Travel sort, CASS Statement, Presort Reports, Bag or Tray Tags, and the appropriate USPS mailing statement with your postage calculated to the penny.
Even a novice can prepare a mailing when using this system. The labels have a header telling the preparer how many go in a tray, or sack. Each label contains a number corresponding to the respective tray or sack.  Since the labels meet Postal specs, there is no need to place “D”, “S”, “A” or “MS” stickers on the facing piece.

Your will save time and postage with this package. Your postage savings will range from three to six cents per piece. Plus, you will not have the cost or time invested in printing labels and sorting the mail.  In comparison, the average cost for our postal-ready labels ranges from 1.6 each to 3.7 cent, depending on quantity.  Below are typical costs:

Quantity Cost Per Label
30,000 $466.80 .016
12,500 $206.88 .017
7,500 $131.10 .017
4,000 $74.04 .019
2,000 $41.76 .021
750 $19.94 .027
400 $15.00 .037
*all prices exclude shipping

We ship via UPS, FedEx and Priority Mail depending upon the weight, distance and your deadline. Normal turnaround, from the time we receive your file, is 24 to 48 hours.

When placing your order, we will need to know the weight and thickness of the piece to maximize your postal discounts. If you do not know, send a sample with your disk or give us a call for assistance.