Nonprofit Services


  • MOVE48 - Retrieves National Change-of-Address records that have been filed with the USPS over the last 48 months
  • CASS - CASS standardizes addresses into the USPS format and adds five-digit ZIPs, ZIP+4 codes, delivery point codes, and carrier route codes.
  • DPV – Indicates deliverability of every ZIP+4 coded address according to the USPS National Address file via an assigned grade (optional with CASS).
  • Dedupe – Remove duplicates across your lists based on defined fields.


  • Want a great way to do a targeted mailing and expand your donor base? Send us any customer list and we will use predictive modeling to find prospects just like them. Discover why so many of our customers are having success with DonorBoost.


  • Phone Appends - We verify and/or add phones.
  • E-mail Appends - Have a list of customers you would like to e-mail? We can append e-mail addresses to any direct mail list, following all CANSPAM regulations, and give you back a database that can be used again and again.
  • Deceased Suppression
  • Demographic Appends